Candy Bits EP

by DJT



This is the pre-order for my upcoming EP, Candy Bits. I will be releasing the first song for pre-order immediately, and then other songs will be released as time progresses. I hope to have the EP fully completed and out by the fifth of January. This EP will contain collaborations between myself and many of my friends, including iBlank2Apples, ExplodingPonyToast and many more!

The amazing art was created by my perfect girlfriend, who you can find here:


released January 20, 2017




all rights reserved


DJT Perth, Australia

Taran "DJT" Twomey, From Perth, Western Australia.

I produce primarily EDM tunes, but have been known to dabble in orchestral and even cinematic pieces.

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Track Name: Candy Bits
Track Name: DJT & iblank2apples - Sweeter Than This (Feat. Wootmaster)
I'm a
Slightly rarer
Stripe wearer
Tall terror
Tall terror
Stripe wearer
that's slightly rare
Stripe Wearer
Slightly rarer
A tall terror
Horse music's dead?
Then I'm the pall bearer

The horse nation's been patiently waiting for us to rise up
Like a pheonix screaming and screeching baby I'm fired up
What's 'bout to hit you can't dismiss
Hit hard with hooves no need for fists
A roller sent with love and a kiss?
It don't get sweeter than this

Drums, Bass
In your face
Gotta rap slick just to keep that pace
Make haste the ace is in the race
and behind these two I'll take third place

A tiny queen's equine dream
Brought to life by a corporate scheme
To some in time might lose it's sheen
But to me those fields grow evergreen

I'm a slightly rarer
Stripe wearer
Tall terror
If horse music's dead
Then I'm the pallbearer
MC plus a Z
possibly a prodigy
Yelling at Cats to Mic up my Microphone
yeah I'm proud to be
Chillin' in the Everfree where monsters roam and demons hiss
Zebra rhymin' in double timin' spittin' out fire to clear the mist
iblank2apples, DJT, all them other brothers hit or miss
Combine my rhymes with sonic bliss and
It don't get sweeter than this

Uh-uh, I ain't done
We are number one
Got robbie rotten trottin' to the thumpin' kick drum
And it's the track but every time I drop raps
It just gets neater until it finally redlines the meter
It don't get no
this (end me fam)