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My name is Taran, also known as DJT. I'm a 19 year old EDM and orchestral producer/musician, living in Perth.

I'm adding this service for two reasons:
1. I am releasing pretty regularly at this point, and I feel this can help with the releases as well as to ~kinda support me while I study.
2. I dunno it seems like a cool feature.

Supporting me this way will give you access to a tonne of things, as well as instantly giving you my full discography, making it a neat way to get that too. I release two to three songs a month, excluding large EP or album releases, meaning you will gain instant access to those free of charge provided you are keeping up with the monthly payments.

On top of that I make and release little previews and teasers for songs that I'm working on. I only put out a few of these on Soundcloud because there is limited space, but here I can release as many as I want, along with updates on my life and my music and whatnot. So you'll also gain access to those. If I had merch you'd get a discount on that too.

I also plan on putting out some tracks specifically for subscribers only, including song requests, small challenges and just general music that I feel should go to any and all who truly love my music.

Even if you don't subscribe to this I'd like to thank you for your continued support on my releases and music, it means a lot to me that so many would be willing to support me while I work, and that so many enjoy my music.

Thank you so much for everything you do!

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  • For $5/month, you get everything above.
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  • For $10/month, you get everything above, plus:
    Not a huge amount, considering there isn't much I can really offer aside from my music, but I will feature your name at the end of each track's video for the month that you support(meaning if you support multiple months you will appear in many videos).

    I will also produce you a custom song, about what you want, called what you want and primarily like something you might want. The rights to this song will mostly go to you(i.e this request can be used commercially) however I will still 'own' the song. I.e I am credited for it. We can communicate on the track more via Skype.

    If you are also a musician creating similar music we could also collaborate, although I reserve the right to refuse to collaborate.(I most likely won't refuse though :P)

    It would be amazing if you do support me this way however!
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  • For $15/month, you get everything above, plus:
    Not much more than the previous one.

    To be honest if you pick this tier you're either making too much money, have too much money or you really, truly believe me to be a fantastic musician. And while I'm flattered that you'd support me this much, there's not much else I can really offer you. Aside from what's above, I can offer you:

    Access to adding me on facebook, snapchat, instagram, steam, skype and anywhere else that I may have forgotten.

    A personalized note, from me, to you, delivered by the most modern communication network in the world, the post! (Hence why this tier requires your address).

    The privilege of knowing that you're spending too much money supporting a musician who makes dance music about small, pastel coloured horses on the Internet.

    A meetup if you live in or around Perth, Western Australia, where we can hang out, get lunch and just shoot the shit. Don't expect much from this part of this as it relies on you being an approachable person that's easy to spend time with as well.

    tbh there's nothing else I can really offer, but you can request stuff whenever you want, although I doubt most of the time I'll get around to making it unless its your first request or I'm not extremely busy.
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Perth, Australia
Taran "DJT" Twomey, From Perth, Western Australia.

I produce primarily EDM tunes, but have been known to dabble in orchestral and even cinematic pieces.

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