Aurora (EP Teaser)

by DJT



Here it is, the first track from my 'Basking in the Earthlight' EP. I'm releasing this early as a teaser for the EP, which will come out sometime after the next Ponies at Dawn album.

My inspiration for this is captured amazingly in the coverart that the wonderfully talented Puffy ( drew for the EP! Along with this will be supplied other drawings that she has been working on, and I can guarantee you they're going to be amazing. I tried to capture the feeling of being weightless, suspended in a vortex floating above the known world. But I also tried to capture the wonder you would feel at looking at such a sight, and the amazement you would feel just from witnessing it.

This track took me roughly 24 hours over the course of quite a few weeks to complete, but I think it turned out fantastically for the amount of time and effort I sunk into it. The rest of the EP will be available at some point after the next P@D album, as I've already said, and will most likely feature some tracks that I submit for said album.

Check out puffy here:


As always, comments and criticism are always appreciated.




released March 15, 2016




DJT Perth, Australia

Taran "DJT" Twomey, From Perth, Western Australia.

I produce primarily EDM tunes, but have been known to dabble in orchestral and even cinematic pieces.

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