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Everyone's fav hippie returns! Wanted to try something a little different with this one, so no teaser, as I finished this mostly within 2 or 3 days. Big ups to vylet pony ( who helped inspire this track with his more recent style of upload, check his shizz.

I tried to go for something super mellow and chill while still holding some sort of edge. I focused more on the start and stop percussion stuff, and kept the slightly bit crushed chords there to help push my point.

I tried to emulate what I thought it would feel like to roam around the mind of someone like Tree Hugger, and I think I managed to capture it pretty well.

This style is not for everyone though, but most listeners should get a kick out of it!

As always, there's a free download, as well as the possibility to support me or get an HQ DL.





released February 22, 2016




DJT Perth, Australia

Taran "DJT" Twomey, From Perth, Western Australia.

I produce primarily EDM tunes, but have been known to dabble in orchestral and even cinematic pieces.

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